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We are Haverhill's premier dog walking, pet sitting and customized pet care company. Our team of professional dog walkers and pet sitters work hard every day, delivering top-notch pet care services to all pets from Bradford to Groveland, West Boxford to West Newbury, and surrounding areas in MA. Your dog walker or pet sitter will come out to your home to walk your dog or lovingly care for your cat, bird, rabbit, fish or other exotic animal in either rain or shine! 

No more chewed up furniture, torn walls or destroyed carpets.
Imagine that? From weight loss to the elimination of unwanted behaviors resulting from boredom or excessive energy buildup, the advantages of a well exercised dog are clearly evident!

Just like humans, not all animals are created alike.
While daycares do have their advantages, some pups are simply not well-suited to sharing their human companions with 30 to 50 other pets per day. A professional pet sitting service will provide your canine with the type of undivided attention that can only be delivered through one-on-one interaction. Likewise, some pooches simply do not feel comfortable in unfamiliar places. A walking service will offer your pets the care they need within the comfort zone of familiar territory.

A consistent schedule will give your dog a sense of security. 
Not to mention the opportunity to release pent up pooch energy! This, in turn, results in a reduction, or often times the elimination of, unwanted or destructive pet behavior. Having a dog walker or pet sitter available when you need them eliminates stress, allowing you to relax comfortably while at work or on vacation.

Because a tired dog is a happy dog! 
Why? A well exercised pet will also be more focused and willing to devote his time and energy to making his people happy full-time.  

Dogs need socialization.
Often pet parents simply do not have the time or ability to take their pup on social adventures. A walking service will expose your buddy to new experiences, people and fellow four-leggeds. These adventures are especially important for puppies, as their personalities will develop based on the experiences they encounter early in life.

We are 100% committed to your complete satisfaction. If you and your pets are not simply paws over head in love with us and the services we provide, just let us know. We will make it right for you. 

"When your mutt's in a rut, call us!"
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