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Our convenient Walk'N option provides your pup with 15, 20 or 30 minutes of dog walker time, including refreshing the water bowl, feeding, applicable poop'N scoop service, basic command reinforcement (if requested), and plenty of social interaction.  

Dogs may be walked solo or in groups of 2-3, depending upon scheduling and daily availability. Vehicle travel may be required of dogs when picking up other group members.    

Walk'N rates apply to consistent schedules completed strictly between the hours of 10 AM and 3 PM. Time frame guarantees are not available for Walk'N participants, although we do our best to accommodate requests whenever possible. Should your dog or puppy require a more specific arrival time, please refer to Guaranteed Private Time.

Service Fee: $22.00+               

*Add just $5.00 per visit for each additional household pet.  
Travel fees may apply to visits located beyond a 5 mile radius.

Private walks are a great alternative for dogs that depend on prompt routine visits, those that require a little extra one-on-one attention and exercise, or canines that simply prefer not to share their human companions with additional four-leggeds. In contrast to other dog walking services, at The Strut'N Mutt we allow our Guaranteed Private Time clients to specify an arrival time preference. In this regard, each walking visit is EXCLUSIVELY RESERVED FOR YOUR DOG and is GUARANTEED to commence within the hour before or after your pooch's PREFERRED TIME FRAME, thus reducing wait time in half. Moreover, humans can rest assured that their canines will not be exposed to any undetected medical conditions, pests or other underlying issues that could be encountered in the presence of other animals within a group setting. Plus, your dog will be spoiled rotten!
Guaranteed Private Time visits are available between the hours of 
9 AM and 4 PM, Monday through Friday.  

*Add just $5.00 per visit for each additional household pet.
Travel fees may apply to visits located beyond a 5 mile radius.

Includes 15 minutes of private dog walk time, refreshing the water bowl, feeding and applicable poop'N scoop.  You may opt to have your dog walked or let out for a romp in your enclosed yard.  

Service Fee: $25.00+/15 minute visit 

OUR BEST VALUE! The Stretch'N Sniff provides your pet with 20 minutes of our private dog walker session and includes refreshing the water bowl, feeding, and applicable poop'N scoop service with just enough time for a quick romp'N play or express fitness jog.  Basic command reinforcement coupled with lots of hugs, kisses and treats are provided to top off each adventure.  

Service Fee: $27.00+/20 minute visit

This is a great option for the more active dogs in your life, or the perfect way to quickly get your favorite kibble-crazed canine into shape.  This package consists of a 30-minute session of private dog walk or fitness jog time, during which we will refresh the water bowl, feed your pet, provide applicable poop'N scoop service and allow for extra sniffing  and play time. Basic command reinforcement, ball toss, fitness jog or frisbee frenzy are also available upon request.  We supply the scoop bags, too!

Service Fee: $30.00+/30 minute visit

Pet Sitting consists of a minimum of two daily 20-minute visits, during which time we will allow your pet to relieve itself, refresh the water bowl, feed your pet, offer any applicable poop'N scoop service, check for and clean any accidents, and provide lots of love, hugs and treats. Alternatively, our Sleep 'N Stay option consists of a Pet Sitter staying in your home to care for your pets continuously from 8 PM to 7 AM. Alternating lights, adjusting blinds, watering plants and mail/package retrieval are all complimentary services included in our packages.  

Service Fee: $55.00+/two daily visits             $75.00+/three daily visits*

*Add just $5 more for each additional household pet.  

Things happen when we least expect them. At The Strut'N Mutt we want to help our clients handle difficult situations whenever possible. For this reason we provide emergency visits (i.e. those not scheduled prior to 24 hours) to our regular customers.  However, since these type of visits often interrupt our scheduled walks, this service is strictly based on availability. Emergency visits can include any of the above services, but will incur an additional charge above and beyond the regular service fee.  

Service Fee: $20.00 plus regular service fee for requested service

A paramount service for puppies just starting out their potty training routine! Puppies need to feel confident that someone will be there to relieve them when they need to go. So what do you do if you're at work? That's where we strut in! We will provide a reliable schedule to aid  your pup in the housebreaking transition.  Our dog walkers will further assist in potty training efforts by encouraging your puppy to "go" in a designated area. Lastly, we will reinforce good behavior with tons of positive encouragement, placing your pup on the fast track to success.  

This package consists of two private 20-minute daily visits. Pups'N Train'N rates are effective for puppies up to six months old. Little ones can join the pack once all vaccines have been administered.

Service Fee: $50.00/two visits daily

While we fully understand you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing your pet is being cared for by a dedicated professional, you also need to know that your property is secure. That's why all of our regular clients are offered the option to utilize a personal lockbox for key storage. This way, you can relax while knowing your keys aren't "floating around" 24 hours a day. We provide a lock box to each of our clients at no additional charge.  Lock boxes will need to be returned to us once service is complete; however, clients may also opt to purchase lock boxes from us for continued personal use.

Holidays are a very busy time for our caregivers. We typically book up far in advance, so it's best to reserve your provider early.  We can offer services to our regular clients during the following holidays:

New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve

Holiday Surcharge: Add $20.00 per visit on the actual holiday

Holiday Period Fee: Add $5.00 per visit on Thanksgiving weekend & the week of Christmas through the weekend following New Year's Eve.

Weekend/After-Hours Surcharge: Add $5.00 per visit 

*Weekend service/After-Hours fees are not applicable to Pet Sit'N visits. Please also note that services will not be available during the second week of July, as we will be closed for vacation.

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